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250 kr

Photo: Roland Verant

Encyclopédie de la Parole / Joris Lacoste & Pierre Yves-Macé

Suite N°3


18 Oct

ca 1 h

Stora Teatern



250 kr


Encyclopédie de la Parole / Joris Lacoste & Pierre Yves-Macé

Suite N°3
stora teatern

The French theatre company Encyclopédie de la Parole have collected authentic speeches and everyday conversations to create the work Suite N°3.

Suite N°3 is about the effects that spoken words have on us, and in particular their undesirable effects. In our daily lives, we are overwhelmed by utterances that we would prefer not to hear, that disgust us, bother us, repulse us, make us angry, depress us, shock us, embarrass us, annoy us, or make us feel sorry for their issuers. What do we do with them? What strategies do we adopt to keep them at a distance? Can theatre and music allow us to neutralise them, to momentarily ward off their violence, to change and deepen the way we consider them?

With the help of a group of correspondents across all of Europe, Encyclopédie de la parole has endeavoured to search for recent recordings of spoken words that, for various reasons and to varying degrees, we are reluctant to listen to: condescending sermons, safety instructions, hate speech, embarrassing claims, verbal abuse, monologues of solitude, police brutality, nationalistic poems, standardised job interviews, counselling, public humiliation, adolescent moaning…

Encyclopédie de la Parole have selected 26 of them in the 24 languages of the European Union. These utterances are faithfully re-enacted by two performers in order to render their oral dimension and all their melodic, rhythmic, intensive and timbral nuances. Re-enacting them is a way to make their reality audible whilst transposing them into the fictional setting of a theatre.

However, this time the theatre company have decided to add an explicitly musical dimension to them: for each of these ‘unlistenable’ words we have added a piano accompaniment which makes them sound like folk songs, opera recitatives, French melodies, German lieds, Portuguese fados, pop hits or contemporary pieces. At times, the piano implicitly reveals an unexpected chorus; at times it highlights the melody or the rhythmic cadence of the words. Sometimes it imposes a disconcerting tone or even cuts loose from its accompanying function to become a competing voice. In all cases, it shifts the act of listening to an unexpected and paradoxical place.


In association with Stora Teatern.

For more information, please visit encyclopediedelaparole.org

Conception Encyclopédie de la parole

Composition and direction Joris Lacoste

Composition and music Pierre-Yves Macé

Cast Denis Chouillet (piano), Bianca Iannuzzi and Laurent Deleuil (singers)

Artistic collaboration Elise Simonet

Staging intern François Bourrier

Light design Florian Leduc

Sound Stéphane Leclercq

Choreography Lenio Kaklea

Costumes Ling Zhu

Languages English, French, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Hungarian, Spanish, Polish, Croatian, Danish, Maltese, Italian, Gaelic, Romanian, Czech, Slovak, Finnish, Bulgarian, Swedish, Greek, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Slovenian

Collecting coordinators Joris Lacoste, Valérie Louys, Marion Siéfert and Elise Simonet


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